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Texas Girl Scouts Want to Fry Some Cookies at This Year's State Fair. We're Thinking Samoas.

It was only a matter of time. First corn-batter dipped hot dogs and funnel cakes went into the frier. They tasted good, so vendors at the State Fair of Texas thought they should fry other things. Next thing you know, brownies, cookie dough, marshmallows, biscuits and gravy, salsa and chicken-stuffed flapjacks are jockeying for attention at fried food competitions.

Now the Girls Scouts have gotten involved, which means shit just got real. Real sashed.

The Dallas Business Journal reports that representatives for the Girl Scouts are currently working with chefs and chemists to try to determine which of their cookies will adapt best to a bath of hot oil.

The answer to me is obvious. It's without a doubt the Samoas, or Caramel DeLights. Imagine that vanilla cookie slightly softening as it's subjected to steam from the frying process, the strings of caramel pulling away with every bite. There can be no greater fried cookie. Of this I'm certain. It is a nearly perfect cookie. Its only flaw is that they come 15 to a box when there should be 30.

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Scott Reitz
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