Texas Ranks Eighth in Total Breweries in the Country

As Monday slowly, and possibly painfully, settles in around you, take a look at this map The New Yorker released last week on the growth of craft breweries across the U.S. The interactive map shows exactly where and by how much the craft brewing industry has exploded, based on the Brewers Association's annual 2012 brewing report.

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Presented in brown hues of pale ales to porters, coupled with pint-sized to keg-sized displays of brewery growth, the map lays out where significant craft brewing has taken afoot. As of last June, there were more breweries in the U.S. than at any other time in our history. In 1887 there were 2,011 local breweries, then that number plummeted to just 89 in the 1970s. In the past three decades, that number has skyrocketed to 2,403 now.

Texas now ranks eighth in total breweries. However we're the color of lemonade (very light) when it comes to breweries-per-500,000 people. Karbach Brewing Co. is listed as the second fastest-growing brewery in the U.S., primarily on account of a deal it inked with distributor Silver Eagle last year -- the influx of cash helped the brewery grow substantially. Unfortunately however, Dallas Senator John Carona introduced legislation earlier this year that will now forbid brewers from getting similar financial backing in the future (if the governor signs the bills).

So, while you waste an hour or so perusing this map, consider taking a brewmasters class, because with all this excitement, it appears the industry is solid.

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