Texas Sous Chefs Dinner at CBD Provisions Pulls Together an Impressive Lineup

We’ve said it before, but it always remains true — in the culinary world, executive chefs get most of the attention and generally all of the credit for making a restaurant successful, at least from the perspective of diners. What many don’t realize is that every superstar chef relies on a sous chef to realize his or her ideas in the best way possible.

Dallas diners will have a chance to check out the incredible things that Texas’ sous chefs are doing behind the scenes. CBD Provisions will will play host to the second annual Texas Sous Chef Dinner, in collaboration with Lucia sous chef Justin Holt. The 10-course dinner will focus on seasonal produce and showcase the diverse culinary styles of 10 talented seconds-in-command from across the state.

Highlighting the work of sous chefs who are working in the best kitchens in Dallas is a sort of glimpse into the future. Every executive chef in this restaurant scene has worked as a sous at one time or another, and many will tell you that their time spent working under an executive chef was a formative experience in the development of their cuisine, kitchen management skills and technique. If you want to keep up with the next crop of budding restaurateurs, this is the crowd to watch.

A strong showing of Dallas sous chefs is planned for the dinner, including Knife’s Carolanne Treadwell, Proof + Pantry’s Nick Hurry and CBD Provisions’ own sous chef Joel Orsini. These chefs will be joined by their colleagues from across the state, including Houston’s Patrick Seges and Victor Sandoval from Austin. It’s worth noting that CBD Provisions’ executive chef Richard Blankenship, had, up until recently, served as executive sous chef at the restaurant under Michael Sindoni. Showcasing the talent of lesser-known chefs is probably pretty close to his heart.

Tickets to the July 27 dinner cost $100 for the meal. A beverage pairing, including cocktails prepared by bartenders from CBD Provisions and Bolsa, is available for an additional $45. Tickets are still available, but they're getting scarce. Reservations can be made by calling CBD Provisions at 214-261-4500, and a credit card will be needed (and charged!) to reserve your seat.

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