That's Champion Burger-Flipper to Ya'll.

No longer are they just burger flippers and fry-cooks; now, they're the best. Some Fort Worth Whataburger employees and their manager now share the title of WhataGame champions after defeating a field of the final 16 teams during the course of the three-day competition at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine early this week.

The competition included more than 700 restaurants from 10 states. A team from Fort Worth, Whataburger 526, 3160 S.E. Loop 820, wound up winning it all (no word yet on the team's overall seed). The 16 finalist teams competed in a simulated lunch-rush, a quiz-game and a card-game to determine the winner.

The 10 team participants won $5,000 each. The remainder of the store's employees raked in $500 apiece. Not a bad consolation for picking up the slack around the restaurant while their co-workers competed, cheerleaders, flags and all, as you can see in the video on the other side.

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