The 10 Bars Serving the Best Bar Food in Dallas

We love to drink here at the Observer. We take no shame in our excessively inebriated stories, and actually work hard to pack as much beer and liquor into every post possible. But as much as we love booze, drinkers gotta eat, too. And if you're not careful, many bar meals here in Dallas can leave you feeling worse than that morning after you downed that entire fifth of rail whiskey.

Meanwhile, some bars are absolutely killing it, turning out well-executed bar food that's good enough to eat even if you don't have a can of beer in your hand. (You have one, though, right?)

Here are my favorite bars to drink at in Dallas when you need a little sustenance to go with your drinking.

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Ten Bells Tavern (pictured above) Had this bar opened a little sooner, there's no way they wouldn't have won this year's Best Bar Food award in our Best of Dallas issue. The place is turning out the greatest beer chow I have seen in quite some time. If those wings up there aren't doing it for you, try the curry pickled eggs as an interesting starter.

They also have two new sandwiches on the menu I'll be telling you about in another blog post soon. The Cuban is a fine enough rendition, filled with roast pork, ham and loads of Dijon mustard, but the Reuben is exemplary.


The Londoner I've been eating fish and chips all over Dallas, and the Londoner still serves up my favorite. It's nothing special, just your run-of-the-mill, beer-battered cod served with decent french fries, but the fish is never greasy and oily, and they always pour a perfect pint. I'm almost glad I don't live in walking distance to this Uptown pub. I'd be very fat.


St. Pete's Most chili dogs are made with crappy links, but St. Pete's runs down the street and picks up hot dogs from Rudolph's and the difference is worth it. Don't worry, you won't pay a cent for the upgrade. In fact this chili dog is even cheaper than nearby Angry Dog by about 50 cents.


Goodfriend This East Dallas burger bar will likely be on lists like this for a very long time. Not only is their horseshoe bar a pleasurable place to drink, but their burgers are made from high-quality local meat and taste amazing.


Nova It's the potato skins that set this bar apart. The smoked salmon makes this one of Dallas' best bar snacks, and the neighborhood locals sitting on the stools make this one of Dallas' best bars.


Cock & Bull Their dark decor is hell for food photography, but that's likely your last thought when you're out for a drink. Cock and Bull is a solid, small East Dallas bar with good sandwiches. Want the best of their menu? Stick to this Reuben and their burger.


Tried and True If you're a fan of Off-Site Kitchen's burger, but you desperately need a whiskey, head over to Tried and True for the half-pound, older-brother version of the same sandwich. They have great oysters on the half shell, too.


The Meddlesome Moth Get a side of mayo to dip those french fries in and work your way through the local taps. This Design District beer bar has always had great mussels and an impressive beer list, and now that Dave McMillan is in the kitchen, things are getting even better.


Union Bear This uptown beer restaurant from the Spiller's group has a great chicken sandwich, and bartenders who are more than happy to let you try a couple beers before you commit to a glass. Want something lighter? Try the salad that features a chicken-fried egg. The runny yellow yolk encased in crunchy breading will make your forget you're trying to save on calories.


The Old Monk The Old Monk may always be an old standby. None of their dishes stand out on their own, but the bar puts together a menu of bar food favorites that always seem to hit the spot. It's the consistency across the board that makes the Old Monk stand out as this year's winner for Best Bar Food in Dallas.

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