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The 10 Bars Serving the Best Bar Food in Dallas

We love to drink here at the Observer. We take no shame in our excessively inebriated stories, and actually work hard to pack as much beer and liquor into every post possible. But as much as we love booze, drinkers gotta eat, too. And if you're not careful, many bar meals here in Dallas can leave you feeling worse than that morning after you downed that entire fifth of rail whiskey.

Meanwhile, some bars are absolutely killing it, turning out well-executed bar food that's good enough to eat even if you don't have a can of beer in your hand. (You have one, though, right?)

Here are my favorite bars to drink at in Dallas when you need a little sustenance to go with your drinking.

Ten Bells Tavern (pictured above) Had this bar opened a little sooner, there's no way they wouldn't have won this year's Best Bar Food award in our Best of Dallas issue. The place is turning out the greatest beer chow I have seen in quite some time. If those wings up there aren't doing it for you, try the curry pickled eggs as an interesting starter.

They also have two new sandwiches on the menu I'll be telling you about in another blog post soon. The Cuban is a fine enough rendition, filled with roast pork, ham and loads of Dijon mustard, but the Reuben is exemplary.

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