The 10 Worst Fast Food Trends of 2012

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10. The Deep Fried McRib Clearly, something was missing from the original McRib sandwich. "Oh, I know," McDonald's Austria shouted, "let's deep fry it!" And that's what McDonald's Austria did. And added to the evil: bacon and cheese. Pretty sure this was warned against on some ancient scrolls. Also? It was named "McRibster."

9. The Absurdly Gourmet Fast Food Burger Not to be outdone by restaurants that serve actual food, Wendy's Japan added a burger with lobster. Then, they topped it with caviar and made it $16 (U.S.). And that was after slapping foie gras on their notably square burgers and continuing the running marketing strategy: Why the hell not, right?

8. The Jack in the Box Waffle Breakfast Sandwich This one seems pretty harmless in the face of dyed buns and fried McRibs, but it's a perfect example of annoying growing trend: the Let's Swap Out the Bun for Food That's Already a Meal. The above sandwich is a new release from Jack in the Box, which is egg, cheese and sausage between "two lightly sweetened maple waffles." This sandwich, by the way, has 268 mg of cholesterol. For breakfast.

7. The Pizza Hut Overstuffed Pizza Why did they overstuff it? Why couldn't they just normal stuff it? Third question: Why do we have to stuff our food with more, other foods?

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