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The 14 Best Dallas Patios for Drinking

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Truck Yard (Pictured above) The Truck Yard was packed the second it opened, and it's been a circus ever since, at least when the weather is nice. There are two bars (one indoors, one outdoors in a gutted airstream trailer) and a cocktail station hidden in a tree fort.

Not that you needed anything else, but if you get hungry you can eat a cheesesteak -- the best in Dallas. Alternatively, there are usually no fewer than three food trucks parked in the backyard, and they rotate daily.


Goodfriend Beer nerds, pay attention. Goodfriend has one of the best patios for dorking out on suds. If a local brewery is going to release a special issue beer, there's a solid chance it's on tap here, often before the other bars even take delivery of their kegs.

Mix in the strong neighborhood following and the massive roll-up doors that bring the patio weather inside, and you've got one of the better places in Dallas for drinking, whether the heat of summer has arrived or not.


Stonedeck Pizza Pub Walk through the unassuming dining room to the patio out back at Stonedeck Pizza Pub and you'll think you've stumbled upon some sort of oasis. Yes, there are drunk games, including cornhole and giant Jenga, and there's an impressive beer list to keep you going. There's creative pizza should you need to pad out your stomach, and there's moonshine if you'd like to hammer out those last remaining brain cells. Stonedeck has just about everything.

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