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The 5 Best Places to Get a Sausage in Dallas When You Can't Get to the Ballpark

Baseball season is upon us, which means you have 81 chances to eat as many of those foil-wrapped gut bombs as you can. Whether you take yours with mustard, ketchup (shudder), onions or jalapeños, hot dogs are iconic American summer fare.

The only problem is getting to the stadium. Drive without the proper designee and you risk a DUI in Arlington on your way home at night. And then there's parking. Uber is a possibility, but you could likely afford box seats with what you'll spend on surge pricing. Maybe you're better off exploring other hot dog alternatives.

Here are some of our favorites.

Blind Butcher The Blind Butcher, mecca of hipster sausage production, doesn't have a hot dog on its menu but they have a lot of sausage, and like I said, we're looking at ballpark alternatives.

They also have a few televisions and an outdoor patio in case you want to bake outside with a dog in your mitt, pretending that you're just behind first base. Any time handmade hotdogs are up for grabs you should do your best to snag one. Don't bobble that catch.

Luscher's Red Hots Cue hot dog fantasy: For every Rangers game Brian Luscher himself fires up a massive flat screen TV out on his patio, dons a paper hat and starts slinging his hand-crafted hot dogs and pitchers of beer to customers who camp out for the duration. It won't happen, but it's a nice thought. Go grab a hot dog and daydream with me.

Kuby's You're not going to watch the game at Kuby's, but that's OK because the lack of televisions in the dining room gives you a chance to break out your headphone radio. Bring a scorecard and you can be just like the old guys at the stadium who haven't missed a game since the '90s. Just don't pound on the counter if Yu blows a play, or you risk blowing out a packet of mustard.

Scotch and Sausage If there were some way to fill the dining room at Scotch and Sausage with baseball fans during a game, I'd envision a pretty rowdy crowd. The televisions are massive and the menu is stuffed with sausages that are made on-site.

St. Pete's With the advent of the Boomstick there's been a recent push for sloppy hot doggery, and the chili dog at St. Pete's delivers plenty of slop. What's nice about this one, though, is that there's a Rudolph's frank hidden under that deluge of chili. This is one of the best bar snacks served in Dallas, baseball or not.

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