The AAC Classes Up Their Stadium Food for the Weekend's NBA All-Star Game Festivities

The weekend's big event may be out in Arlington, but the American Airlines Center's still hosting the rookie challenge and the slam dunk contest tonight and Saturday, and the arena's catering crew -- who figured prominently in our list of DFW's stadium-food surprises -- are turning out a new menu in impressive quantities.

Under chef Brian Johnson, the Levy Restaurants caterers will be plenty busy, serving up massive amounts of food for the two day NBA All-Star weekend including, they say, 10,000 hot dogs, 2,000 pounds of chicken, 8,000 cookies, 200 gallons of salsa, 4,000 corn tortillas for chips and 1,200 pounds of lettuce.

Food measured by the thousands of pounds and gallons never sounds that appetizing, but photo intern Spike took some appealing shots (after the jump) of some of the new-look arena grub that awaits you at the AAC.

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