The Awesome Cheeseboards of Dallas, and What is On Each Of Them

Here are some samples of the beautifully plated cheeseboards we photographed for cheese week.

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Scardello Artisan Cheese (3511 Oak Lawn) 1. Dried Cherries 2. Apricots 3. Black mission figs 4/5. Marcona almonds (skin off and on) 6. Italian Baguette: Empire Bakery 7. Bay Blue: U.S., cow 8. Basseri: U.S., sheep 9. Alter Schweizer: Switzerland, cow 10. Bloombonnet: U.S., goat 11. Cremeux de Citeaux aux Truffes (Citeaux with Truffles): France, cow

ACME F&B (4900 McKinney Ave.) 1. Cremeux de Citeaux aux Truffes (Citeaux with Truffles): France, cow 2. Bread from Empire Bakery 3. Wagyu tongue salad 4. Pate 5. Epoisses: France, sheep 6. Rabbit rillett with chocolate mole 7. Chabrin: French, goat 8. Fig and almond cake 9. Pork rillette 10. Gluten free cracker (Potter's Crackers) 11. Fruit and nut mix 12. Blood orange marmalade 13. Forme Aux Bleu: cow 14. Pickled veggies


Lucia (408 W Eighth St.) 1. Three Sisters: U.S., cow 2. Smokey Blue: U.S., cow 3. Verano: U.S., sheep 4. Harbison: U.S., cow 5. & 6. Nuts and preserves

Ten Bells Tavern (232 W 7th St .) 1. Cana de Oveja: Spain, sheep 2. Euphoria: Holland, sheep 3. Teahive: U.S., cow 4. Point Reyes Blue Cheese: U.S., cow 5. Idiazabal: Spain, sheep 6. Pecan raisin bread: Esmeralda's Bakery 7. Sliced apples 8. Quince jam 9. Candied walnuts 10. Garlic cloves with lemon preserves 11. Pickled sweet peppers


Tate's (2723 McKinney Ave.) 1. Chabrin: France, goat 2. Capocollo 3. Calabrese 4. Salami 5. House pickled sweet pepper 6. Cantar de Covadonga: Spain, sheep 7. Cottonwood River Cheddar: U.S., cow 8. Cana de Oveja: Spain, sheep

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