The Best Eat-and-Run Austin Stops for Busy SXSWers

There's way too much to do.

Look at your schedule! It's jam packed. There's the free, not-secret Strokes show, and -- sweet Moses -- the day parties peppered about town.

For those already exhausted by the stacked, bloated schedule you're planning, you'll need a list of good eats that won't occupy much of your time while in Austin.

Any of these spots serve up a damn good, damn affordable and portable meal. The funny thing? Last year, these spots didn't have groan-inducing long lines. Don't quote us on this year yet, though.

1. The Mighty Cone - 1600 S. Congress
A portable, deep-fried chicken breast. Gotta try one of these things: They fry the chicken in sesame seeds, almonds, chili flakes, salt, sugar and corn flakes up to a crispy geniusness.

2. G'Raj Mahal - 91 Red River
Two words for you: Perfect samosas. We recommend getting an order and eating them like apples whilst walking around. Mind-blowingly good.

*Note: a previous draft directed folks to TaKorea, which no longer operates in Austin.

3. Hey Cupcake - 1600 Block of Congress
Hey, it's a dessert truck without pretentious-trend attitudes! Get the "Michael Jackson" (cream cheese top with chocolate cake), and ask 'em to insert an extra blast of cream into the middle. Then keep moving before the sugar rush dies.

4. Big Top Dogs - 201 E. 6th St.

Ask them to knife on some mustard and splat some sauerkraut in your tin-foil-wrapped dog. You won't be disappointed.

5. Lambert's Bar - 401 W. 2nd St.
Damn near anything on this bar menu is good, but you'd be in solid (and quick) shape with their chopped beef brisket sandwich with pickle relish, jalapeño and white onion. It comes in a light little basket, so you can scarf and continue running. Delicious.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.