The Best Frozen Cocktails in Dallas

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It's Drinking Week at City of Ate, which means even more stories than usual about our favorite pastime. Check back for more stories about craft beer, killer bartenders and more.

It may be less than a month until the official start of fall, but this is Texas, so it's best to accept that it may be sweltering well into October. What do we do when we're slick with sweat and panting like old dogs? We drink frozen cocktails. And we've scouted out the most interesting, fun and tasty frozen 'tails in town so you don't have to.

What comes to mind when you think frozen? Margaritas. So let's put aside the Beerita (as large and ridiculous as it is), the ubiquitous Mambo Taxi and all the other margs and focus on the frozen cocktails in town that are different and unique. Well, right after we talk about this one margarita:


The Chula Rita Swirl at Pakpao (above) Of all the spots we visited, Pakpao was the one that was hardest to leave. It smelled so intoxicatingly good in there that we nearly ate a second dinner at 11 pm. But, instead we settled for the pretty, frozen Chula Rita with a swirl of hot pink prickly pear and agave nectar. Pakpao infuses blue agave tequila with fresh lemongrass and orange peel for 10 days, and then mixes it up in a margarita machine with triple sec and a house-made lemongrass sweet/sour syrup. Lastly, they sprinkle it with palm sugar. It's a refreshingly Thai twist on the classic Margarita.


Yoo-hoo Yeehaw at Double- or Single Wide Frozen Yoo-hoo, coffee liqueur and vanilla vodka combine to make this trashy treat.


Frozen Cuba Libre at Village Burger Bar Remember those Coke bottle gummy candies you used to sneak into the movie theater when you were a kid? Imagine a drink that tastes just like that but gets you hammered, and you've got the Frozen Cuba Libre at VBB.


Frozen Irish Coffee at The Twilite Lounge The classic after dinner drink gets an icy update at this Deep Ellum bar, which is super-packed even though the streets outside are hacked to bits at the moment. Impressive.


Frozen Jack & Coke or Frozen Raspberry Lemonade at The Quarter Bar It's Uptown, so a Jack and Coke is pretty standard. But a frozen version is most certainly - and literally - cooler. Bonus: the Quarter's Frozen Raspberry Lemonade features Deep Eddy vodka and tastes exactly like a Slurpee. It'll make you feel young again. Like, 12.

King Rama the Fourth at The People's Last Stand Light and dark rum, Thai tea, Demerara syrup, port, lemon and cream make up this tiki concocktion. Close your eyes and you're in Bangkok. Also, tiki is fun to say.

Several brains were frozen during the making of this post. It was a tough job.

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