The Best New French Fries in Dallas

A few days ago, something disturbing happened to me. The image is seared deep into the folds of my brain: I ordered a salad as a side of my burger.

It was trumpet bright, fresh with good olive oil, full of radishes, and still light years from being as awesome as a huge pile of fries. It hurts a little. There's a deep, unwieldy satisfaction that accompanies not having a crispy, spice-dusted potato with a burger. A burger without fries is a half measure.

Good news: Dallas has a number of new, batshit-good fried potato options. Some of these aren't just French fries. These spots have found a way to make your burger accompaniment good enough to forget the burger.

No more half measures. Here are the potato sides in Dallas that you need:

The Fries at Scotch and Sausage I hate Scotch and Sausage for having these fries. They arrive long and crisp, wrapped like baguettes in an old French movie. They're fried with dark magic to give them a crust and nearly creamy, almost mashed potato-interior. You will need mayo for dipping, which will instantly eclipse your sausage. Totally never thought I'd say those words, in any context, but it's true. 2808 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

The Yucca Fries at ¡C. Señor! They have an unassuming look. At first glance, you're thinking: Hey! There's a too-small bag of steak fries. I had these fries in the passenger seat, taking an order to-go, and they didn't make it past five minutes. They're dusted in a spicy salt, and have a deep, rich and powerful flavor unlike any fry you've had in Dallas. Grab a handful of the spicy ketchup for dipping. 330 W Davis St Dallas, TX 75208

The Duck Fat Steak Fries at Vagabond All of the words involved with the name of these fries are good. They're rich, but the whole grain mustard at Vagabond will add the tangy kick you'll need. These are fries that pull you away from the burger. They eat like a meal. Also, they're fried in duck fat, so see you after the hibernation. 3619 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

The Crushed Yukons at Stock and Barrel Here's what these are: a crushed potato globe, lightly crisp, dusted with a lot of paprika and some Parmesan. It's smoky and Coen Brothers-good. The Stock and Barrel burger comes with fries, but you'll want these instead. Look for the mayo sauce to dip them in, so you experience full-tilt happy. 316 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208

The Hand-Cut Fries at Uncle Uber's Uncle Uber's has been around for a while, but its lunch-hour popularity has soared in the last several months, and the fries are a part of it: I haven't found a better version of the simple, hand-cut pile of French fries. They're salty and perfectly crunchy. It's simple, no frills. A variety of dipping sauces range from Why Did I Do That to Nap Later. 2713 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

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