The Best Soccer Pubs in North Texas, and the Best Regional Craft Beers to Drink There

When watching soccer, it's typically a fine idea to have a pint or two in hand, and it's best to do it at one of DFW's many European-style pubs.

For the most part, these pubs are open early on Saturday and Sunday mornings, sometimes as early as 7, to accommodate Trans-Atlantic soccer-lovers longing for a pint.

Trinity Hall Instead of an English Cider, try: Leprechaun Dry Cider

Since opening, Trinity Hall has been an oasis for lovers of European sport. Not only does the Mockingbird Station stalwart broadcast Spanish, German and English soccer, but prime cricket and rugby matches are often offered. Great vantage points of the large projections screen are available through much of the pub, along with a few scattered around in an easily viewed manner. This pub really kicks into high gear for Tottenham Hotspur matches, thanks to the Dallas Spurs supporter group choosing this spot for their own. When you're there, grab a 22-ounce bottle of Leprechaun Cider's Dry Cider (6.9% ABV). Brewed in Houston, this cider has a champagne-like quality without getting too sweet, and is especially perfect for the early morning matches, or brunch-time, for that matter.


Londoner Addison Instead of Boddington's or Carling, try: Revolver Blood and Honey

This place has been doing early morning soccer and beer as long as pretty much anyone in town. It feels and smells like a place that British transplants have engaged in many a fist-fight when Liverpool and Manchester United have met over the years. Perennial English power Arsenal is one of eight teams currently in the Premiership, but to the members of the Dallas Gunners, Arsenal's local supporter's chapter who officially make this classic spot home, there might as well only be one. Go with a cold bottle of Revolver Brewing's Blood and Honey (7% ABV). The slightly sweet citrusy taste is just bright enough to perk your tongue buds up, but it's not so fruity you're drinking straight-up orange juice.

Staggering Irishman

Instead of Pilsner Urquell, try:Nine Bands Cactus Cat Kolsch , and instead of Newcastle, try: 903 Brewers Land of Milk and Honey Stout.

Any pub earning the designation as the official outpost of the Dallas Chapter of the American Outlaws (US Men's National Team Supporter Group) is going to be a great spot for soccer. But with over a dozen well-positioned flat-screens and large projection screen on the back wall for marquee match-ups, this North Dallas spot is ready for any soccer game, no matter who's playing. Soccer scarves from around the globe decorate this spot, but there's a distinct focus on FC Dallas and US Men's scarves and signage.

The pub's tap wall is an impressive one, also, and the bartender's knowledge on both beer and soccer is equally so. The crispness of the Nine Band Kolsch (5.2% ABV) is a great substitute for a Euro-brew. Crisp with just the right amount of carbonation and bite, you'll be hard-pressed not to ask if a Bayer Munich game is on when you take your first sip. Maybe the best new "breakfast beer" in Dallas bars now, the 903 Land of Milk and Honey Stout (9% ABV) from Sherman isn't your usual stout in that its sweetness and an almost amber brown color successfully takes precedence of the roasted flavors and black-as-night tint usually associated with stouts. The higher ABV isn't an issue since it's a gentle-sipping beer.

Londoner Frisco Instead of Guinness, try: (512) Brewing Cascabel Cream Stout

This northern outpost of the popular pub-chain is every bit the legit soccer spot as the Addison original. Thanks to an army of light blue clad Manchester City fans singing and chanting each time their team takes the pitch, the atmosphere is electric and fun, whether or not you root for the defending EPL champs. The narrow main bar on the downstairs level features a massive near-movie theater sized projection screen on its far end, opposite of the entrance, so it's an easy place to work your way through even the thicker crowds to find the group of new friends you want to cheer along with. The bartenders get into it also, clanging a bell every time Man City scores. Austin's (512) Cascabel Cream Stout (6% ABV) subs nicely for a Murphy's or Guinness. Even with a slight peppery burn, this stout doesn't overpower in the way a highly alcoholic Russian Imperial or overtly robust Chocolate Stout might, which is a welcome trait just after the sun comes up.

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