The Best Things to Eat in Dallas Right Now

Now that the sluggish summer is largely behind us, Dallas is about to see a wave of new restaurants, revamped menus and shake-ups in the dining scene. If the options give you a little decision fatigue, you're not alone — but we can help. Here are our some of our favorite things to eat in Dallas right now:

1. Sundae bokkeum at Ajumma Kimbob Deli
In Korean, blood sausage is called soon dae or, confusingly, “sundae.” Ajumma Kimbob Deli's sundae bokkeum is chock-full of cabbage, hot peppers, carrots, green and white onions, beef liver and a medium-ferocity red chili sauce — and blood sausage, a mild sausage with a funky, earthy undertone that will appeal to fans of IPAs or wines like pinotage.

2. Wood-fired cauliflower at Sixty Vines
The new Sixty Vines in Plano is catching a lot of attention for its sprawling minimalist space, fresh Italian-inspired fare and tap wall with more than 40 wines — yes, wines — on draft. The most popular appetizer on the menu is the wood-fired cauliflower, served as a whole head and beautifully charred with a lemon-dill yogurt sauce on the side.

3. The Link burger at Shake Shack
The opening of New York franchise Shake Shack earlier this month at the Crescent was big news for Dallas burger fans, but even bigger still is the integration of Pecan Lodge sausage into the Link, a standard Shake Shack burger with a touch of Dallas fare. The burger made this week's list of chain burgers that definitely don't suck

4. The trompo tacos at Trompo
These tacos have been the subject of a lot of buzz since getting attention from Bon Appetit this summer, and now that lines are starting to die down, it's a good time to fill up on vertical rotisserie-roasted meats.

5. The meatball sub at Jimmy's Food Store
This one's a given — and a rite of passage for any meat-eating Dallasite.

6. The Kure at Jonathon's
This beloved brunch spot is as busy as ever during prime brunch hours, and if you can tear yourself away from the chicken and waffles, you should really let the Kure fix you right up. 

7. The Mac and Beefy Slider from The Butchers Son food truck
The new Browder Street Food Truck Plaza gives downtown diners new options — like nap-inducing sliders from The Butchers Son. 

8. The Yacht Club Burger at TJ's Seafood
Did Dallas really need another $17 burger? No. But it got one, and a good one at that. The Yacht Club Burger gets bonus points for the whiskey-glazed bacon. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.