The Big Texas Beer Fest is Back, and This Year it Promises to Have Food

The Big Texas Beer Fest returns to the Fair Park Automobile Building in support of the expanding waistline of the local and national craft beer movement. The lucky day is Saturday, April 6. Over 120 of breweries will come out to pour samples of over 400 different beers.

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Really, how can someone taste that many beers? Well, they can't. That would be silly, you lush. Beer Fest attendees will get a sample cards for 12 two-ounce samples, and additional cards can be purchased for $2 each.

As to the small samples, state law doesn't allow "unlimited tasting" and, as explained on the Big Tex Beer Fest site, the maximum amount of beer Texas allows to be sold at one time is 24 ounces.

General admission tickets are $35, which gets you in from 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. And since Fish Fry Bingo pairs so expertly well with local craft beer, they will be providing tunes on the outdoor stage during the event.

There are also a limited number of VIP tickets for $60, which will get you in an hour early. That means a lot less time standing in lines, plus first dibs on the rare, limited, firkins and one-off beers. There's also an after party for the VIPs -- details to come soon.

Last year, there was a little snafu with food at the event. I spoke with Big Texas Beer Fest mastermind Chad Montgomery earlier this week and that's all been sorted out, partially because the event isn't the same weekend as NASCAR. But, more so, beer events have proven their popularity thanks to many loyal hopheads around town. There are already 10 food trucks lined up for the event.

In terms of how to decide to what to try with more than 400 options, Montgomery suggested approaching it geographically. "Start with a region and work from there," he says, explaining that beers from different regions will always inherently taste different. He encourages beer festers to stroll down the European aisle.

Also, consider making arrangements for that ever-so-convenient DART rail station just a few hundred feet away from the auto building, which is a steal at just $4 round trip.

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