The Blind Butcher, a New Meat Mecca by the Goodfriend Guys, Opens Soon on Greenville

In honor of Sunday's sold-out Meat Fight, we're celebrating smoked animal flesh all week long in our inaugural Meat Week, in which we celebrate the procuring, cooking and face-stuffing of dead-animal flesh.

When fortune smiles on something as bloody and delicious as meat, it seems proof like no other that, not only does God exist, but you're doing his will. Man has dominion over the natural world, and the best way to both assert that dominance and revere our protectorate is to smoke, braise, stew, cure and ingest it, for you cannot know and love a thing until you have eaten it. This is an unspoken principle which lies at the heart of Meat Week.

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So we take it as a sign of benevolence then that during Meat Week we hear rumblings that Greenville's latest meat-centric enterprise, Blind Butcher, will be opening soon. When exactly that will be, we're still not sure. The crew that brought you Goodfriend -- owners Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling along with Ryan Chaney and chef Oliver Sitrin -- are behind the Butcher, which will specialize in cured meat, sausage and beer. Carol Shih at Sidedish got to spend some time with the crew and reports that Blind Butcher will be open by the end of 2013, which by now is a pretty tight window.

Noteworthy features include 24 beers on tap, a 2100-square-foot patio that is larger than the interior, decor inspired by 1930s general stores and a possible closing time of 2 a.m. (maybe?). With all of that going for the place, who cares if the butcher's blind? Just stay out of the way of his cleaver and let him do his thing.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.