It's almost like a club for taco freakers.
It's almost like a club for taco freakers.
Scott Reitz

The Boozy Evolution of El Come Taco

The paper TABC notice taped to the front window says it all. El Come Taco's owner Luis Villalva has applied for permits to sell alcoholic beverages at the Fitzhugh Avenue taqueria. If his permits get approved as submitted, he'll be able to sell both liquor and beer.

I stopped in last week to sate my craving for campechano tacos doused in green sauce and Topo Chico, and can happily report that El Come is chugging along nicely, slowly but surely figuring out how to best fit into its East Dallas neighborhood.

For starters, it was full on a Saturday afternoon, well-after the lunch rush. Colored lights lit up the calaveras stenciled under the counter and new televisions flickered with sports games in addition to the large projector that's always been there. El Come is still a walk-up restaurant but it's really starting to feel like a space where you can linger.

And that, of course, is what Villalva is hoping you will do when his alcohol license comes in. He says he's expecting an approval by the end of the month, and not long after that Dallasites will have yet another place to order a margarita. Something tells me, though, the drinks at El Come Taco will have Villava's unique spin.

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