The Box, Hot Pot and Scallops: This Week In Dallas Dining

I know it's been pretty chilly and gray out there, but I can assure you, the lettuce and asparagus and spring onions are all celebrating the coming season. If you don't have plans to visit a farmers market, you should make them. Don't shut down your computer yet though. We've got some things to wrap up first.

This week I reviewed 20 Feet, the sexed-up Long John Silver's opened in East Dallas by Marc Cassel and his wife, Susan Fries. If you're a fan of good fish and chips, or a fan of seafood in general, this is a place you need to try out.

Elsewhere on CoA, we marked the opening of Victoria's Mexican Grill in Oak Cliff, and a second location of The Social House. This one's right on Routh Street.

We also watched the defeat of another one of Alice's boxes, had dinner with Joel Salatin, the notable activist/farmer featured on Food Inc., and dug up some great patios to take in opening day this weekend.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviewed Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot. The place is a big chain, which kind of reminds me an Asian inspired Melting Pot, except everything looks really good. At least watch the quick how-to video, and if you go, remember to not use your fingers! Brenner also has a sprawling first look at Lark in the Park, with a nice looking shot of a wild mushroom and spinach dish that looks compelling.

Over on Side Dish Janice Provost is forced to sear scallops in a nonstick skillet. Please don't cook your scallops completely through as the host recommends, you'll completely ruin them. That garden fresh salsa looks amazing though.

No way José over on the Taco Trail is absolutely gushing about the trompo tacos at Trompo Loco Highland Mart in East Dallas. He calls the tacos incredible multiple times and points to piratas that feature a flour tortilla and bistec in a blanket of white cheese. It sounds a tiny bit like suaqueso. I'm in.

Oh and why not? Here's one more garden-themed post from Rich Vana over on Entrée Dallas.

That's all I see this week. Check in next week for the highly caffeinated version of City of Ate.

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