The Cherry Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding at Sundown Will Make Your Nightcap

After a show at the Granada on Greenville Avenue, Sundown, its neighboring beer garden, is the obvious choice for a nightcap or dessert or both. They feature farm-to-table food and vegan/vegetarian options, which is admirable, but when it comes to dessert, "gluten-free" isn't much of a turn-on.

Mercifully, the quinoa-crusted chocolate torte has been axed sinced Chef Patrick Stark jumped ship to open his own restaurant in Denton. In its place is the cherry chocolate chip bread pudding. Made with Village Bakery bread, served with a bourbon crème, and topped with house-made cherry ice cream, it really hits the spot. And it has tiny specks of fruit in it, so it's healthy, right?

The cave-like environment here makes it easy to hide from the world and unwind. Plant vines hang from the ceiling and rafters, and you may think to yourself, "This is what it would have been like if cavemen had pendant lights." When there's not a band playing, the music here tends to be sexy, ambient music that will remind you of Portishead, but it isn't.

Sundown draws an eclectic crowd. On an average night, you could see skinny white dudes with dreads, a tatted-up teacher grading papers in impossibly low light, a few lone wolves at the bar, or your average couple on a date. You could go for the people-watching alone.

With free live music most nights, there's plenty to keep you entertained. But even more brilliant --go on a Wednesday night. We're talkin' half-price whiskey all day long, plus rooftop movies. A little whiskey to go with that bread pudding would fix you up just right.

Sundown at the Granada's Wednesday rooftop movie schedule:

March 11: Karate Kid March 18: Spaceballs March 25: Reservoir Dogs

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