The Chesterfield to Star in a Reality Show, Sort Of, We Think, According to the Chesterfield

A video posted on the Chesterfield's Facebook page is causing a mini stir for owner Eddie Campbell. The video, hosted on something called BoomMedia.TV, depicts the bartender/owner in a reality-TV-short-teaser kind of thing about the opening of the The Chesterfield.

Facebook fans started calling the bar asking when the show was going to air. "It's more of a pre-pilot teaser," Campbell said of the short. The footage shows Campbell shaking cocktails, speeding through the streets and talking about "the movement," a reference to fancy cocktail-making's arrival in Dallas.

Information on the boommedia website, which looks to have been created solely for this project, points to the larger aspirations of documenting the cocktail culture throughout America, but none of that footage is depicted in the short. It's all Dallas for now. For a compelling show, producers would have to talk to leading mixoligists in Washington D.C., San Fransisco, Chicago and New York.

They should probably hit up Tales of the Cocktail, too. The annual cocktail event, held in New Orleans draws the nation's best bartenders as they cross-pollinate, test ideas and generally congregate in one massive drunken stupor.

No word on when it will be finished. But when and if it does come out, we'll be sure to post an update. For now, check out the teaser here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.