The Dallas Taco Bracket Is Back

The March Madness-style Burger Bracket might be in limbo, but its predecessor, the Taco Bracket, is back and is bigger. Joe Flowers announced this week that the 2011 edition of last year's popular food fight will take a different form. We don't mean all tacos must come in Old El Paso packaged shells. No, we mean the format is being altered.

"I'm going to separate the brackets by meat type. I'm still working on figuring out the categories, but you will for sure see barbacoa, al pastor, fish, organ meat, chicken and beef. I also want to be sure to include goat somewhere in the mix," Flowers told me via email.

He also said this bracket is to level the playing field between regions in the Dallas area. If a place in the suburbs turns out to be better than a joint in Oak Cliff, then it's all the same.

The bracket will also have a health component. "In order to make sure people know they're getting the absolute best taco in Dallas, the bracket needs to be as specific as possible. Just naming a restaurant was a great way to give people a heads-up about some places they may not have known existed. However, if they don't know the chicharrónes are life changing while the chicken tinga will make them sick, I've steered them wrong." Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Flowers, the public taco servant!

To join in the barbacoa buffoonery, visit the competition's Facebook page.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.