The Eclectic Treats of Denton's Atomic Candy

Denton's historic downtown square has long been a revolving door of independent shops and eateries. In the former Madison June baby boutique space (turns out drunk college kids don't have a need for a $40 onesie), former popcorn business-owner Tim Loyd has opened Atomic Candy.

This place is just damn cool. Hardwood floors and bright, color-blocked walls enclose the narrow yet endless space filled with stacks of the greatest candy inventory I've seen in years. Early 20th century swing music floats from the speakers above, slowing everything down inside your brain. The nostalgia inside isn't overdone, but clearly just the work of a man who longs for a simpler time.

Of course, Loyd stocks all the mega-brand basics like Jelly Belly beans, Nerds, Whoppers and about a bajillion others. But Atomic Candy also stocks novelty lunch boxes, retro toys (Wooly Willy!), gag gifts and timeless classics like the Charleston Chew, Big Hunk, all kinds of candy cigarettes, Clark bars and Idaho Spuds. Also, there's a whole counter of bacon-themed candies. Some photos:

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