The Farmers Market Should Move to Klyde Warren Park

I know this is going to upset some people. The folks that run the current market might not like what I'm about to say, and the Dallas Farmers Market Friends organization definitely won't like it. The Fourton's at Pecan Lodge probably won't dig it either, but I'm going to say it anyway.

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The Farmers Market should move to Klyde Warren Park.

This weekend (in the middle of January, mind you) the park was absolutely mobbed with people. I tried to play some bocce ball on the main lawn but kids kept jacking up my game as they chased their own balls across the turf. Granted, it was an unseasonably warm weekend, but the present popularity of the park demonstrates that at least some Dallasites are absolutely starved for natural beauty. Maybe we should build a couple of hundred of these things?

And we should move the Farmers Market to one of Klyde Warren's massive lawns. There are already food trucks and other vendors selling fun things to eat on the weekends. Why shouldn't there be a few stalls filled with local, fresh, seasonable produce, too?

I'm not talking about the entire market, but just the smaller vendors who actually represent local farms. At the current market, those vendors get lost in all the car exhaust and commercial stalls filled with produce grown from other states. Those big resellers aren't going to leave the current market. And it sends mixed messages to have real farmers who actually grow the products they sell positioned next to vendors who pick up their cucumbers wholesale. The real farmers need to be celebrated on their own. They should pack up their tables and move to the park.

And the folks at Klyde Warren should absolutely be begging them to come. It would give an already bustling park yet another draw to bolster attendance, and it's the perfect location to showcase the local farming scene.

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