The Five Best Foods at Last Night's Cowboys Game

The commercial breaks during Monday Night Football are an utter beat-down. That's my game analysis.

Now for the food. Following are five highlights from tailgating and inside Jerry's world:

​1. Hans Yoo of Plano made the above from-scratch paella on a sidewalk, with everything he needed in one brown grocery bag. He gets points for creativity, efficiency and style. Well played, Yoo.

2. The Kobe BBQ Burger in Jerry's World rings in at $13 and is topped with onion rings and barbeque sauce on a big, toasty bun. Cooked over flaming grill, the only thing smoking-up the stadium more were all those white boots.

Booze intermission: Who needs food? Jagermeister and Red Bull alone will get you there (wherever it is you need to go). Mixologist Waylon Franks told me his uncle brought him to the game as a birthday present. I asked Uncle if it was the first time he'd brought his nephew to a game. "Yep." Then I asked, given Waylon's pregame hydration, could it possibly be the last? He didn't see the humor and wouldn't answer. Whatev. Waylon's got this.

3. The only thing more amusing then Dez Bryant getting pantsed last night (proving the brilliance of Northpark's mall cops) is this vat of cheese balls topped off with a bag of cheese puffs. Genius.

4. The substances that bring people together. The ties that bind, until, of course everyone is drunk and stupid after the game trying to pack all this stuff up and make it home before dawn without starting too many fights. Tailgating = good times.

​5. Can't leave out the grilled fajitas with a fresh homemade pico de gallo.

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