The Food Trucks Rally in Deep Ellum Tonight

The Deep Ellum Outdoor Market is hosting its first food truck rally tonight on Main Street between Malcolm X and Crowdus, which will be shut down for the event. The party lasts from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m., and a few bands will provide tunes, including My Wooden Leg and Hares on the Mountain.

Brandon Castillo with the DEOM is sponsoring the event, and told me today this food truck rally is a test-drive of sorts. If it brings peeps to the streets and they get a good turn out, hopefully food truck parties will become a regular event.

The Bacon Wagon, which usually cruises around Cow Town, will make an appearance, as will The Munch Box, also a Fort Worth Food Park regular that focuses on local ingredients (when possible) and high-end cuisine. Their menu changes daily and includes things like pork shoulder ramen (perfectly poached egg optional), meatball sandwiches and braised oxtail.

Other food trucks include Cajun Tailgators, Zombies, Rockstar Bakeshop, English-inspired fare (just like gram use to make it) from Three Lions and Rock and Roll Tacos. Little Vessel will also be there.

Sounds like it's worth a swing-by. Castillo encourages people who want to attend to consider alternate modes of transportation, because 1) parking lots suck, 2) sometimes parking ninjas in Deep Ellum suck (he didn't say that, I just happen to know) and 3) biking to Deep Ellum on a beautiful day is fantastic.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.