The Foundry is Open in Oak Cliff with Beer, Picnic Tables and, Coming Soon, Fried Chicken

Chef Tim Byres, Chris Jeffers and Chris Zielke, co-owners of Smoke, have seen fit to transform the spacious old Jack's Backyard spot to a beer garden called The Foundry and a chicken stand called Chicken Scratch. The latter isn't open just quite yet, but the former -- the drinking part -- is.

Way back when, this plot of land down the road from The Belmont Hotel was a mechanic's shop spread out over three acres. Now the actual garage has been transformed into a bar. Outside, a big courtyard has old shipping containers one one side and an elevated stage made entirely of wooden pallets at the end (see photo below).

Chicken Scratch is in a separate building right next to The Foundry and should open by the end of the month. Chef Tim Byres will serve roasted and fried chicken meals that can be eaten on the picnic tables in the courtyard or taken home.

There's no fancy drink menu or "bar program" at The Foundry. It's old school -- you call it like you want it. But the beer options, both on tap and in bottles, are adventurous.

For now you can order basic bar food at The Foundry. Cheese and bacon fries are served in red and white checkered paper boats. There are a handful of other things on the menu, like burgers, chips and tacos, but just eight in all and the most expensive is 10 bucks for hot wings.

When the weather warms up, the large glass garage doors in the bar that face the courtyard will certainly be raised, and the picnic tables in the courtyard will surely be full. With good tunes on stage, The Foundry looks like it will be an excellent place to hang.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.