The Garage in Denton Has a Shot Called "Statutory Grape," Which Is a Bad Idea

While out with friends last Friday night, Rachel Anne Ayers found herself at The Garage, one in a chain of bars that sits in Denton's Fry Street area and caters to one thing: "How Cheaply Can I Get Drunk?" The answer: quite cheaply. It's the kind of bar that's heavily trafficked by birthday celebrators attempting the fabled "Fry Street Crawl," wherein the birthday-haver attempts to ingest a free shot from all of the bars in the strip, and it's known for offering double-well drinks for a buck.

Attuned to the bar's reputation, Ayers naturally asked the bartender if they had any shot specials. Here was the response, according to Ayers' account on Facebook:

Facebook, it seems, was unmoved:

And among the bar's defenders was at least one man claiming to be a Garage employee:

Reached by phone, a manager at the bar declined to comment, and the Garage has scrubbed its social media accounts of any criticism it's received. As of this writing, it's still advertising the special on their website and Facebook. It's $2.75 a shot.

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Jaime-Paul Falcon