Almost Naked Margarita (left) and the Devil’s in the Details (right)EXPAND
Almost Naked Margarita (left) and the Devil’s in the Details (right)
Kathy Tran

You’ll Find Some of Uptown’s Best New Cocktails at The Henry

Winter is going away, and that means, after a short-lived spring, summer is coming. We're excited to see what some of our favorite bars around town will roll out to spice up our summer. Spicy cocktails may not be a favorite of every Tom, Dick and Harry Henry, but we do like the signature spicy cocktails that The Henry gave us, the Devil's in the Details. And it certainly is.

The Henry, a Sam Fox restaurant with locations in Phoenix and L.A., creates signature cocktails for each of its locations, and we're huge fans of Dallas'. Give us our Texas water (aka, Tito's), spice it up with Ancho Reyes Verde poblano chile liqueur and you know we'll be happy. To temper the spice and brighten the cocktail, they topped it off with fresh, housemade strawberry mandarin syrup, which is also used in one of their house sodas. It's an easy drink that seems simple, but as we know, the devil is always in the details.

Devil’s in the Details ($14): Tito’s Vodka, Ancho Reyes Verde, strawberry mandarin syrup, blistered shishito peppers

The Henry Dallas, 2301 N. Akard St., Suite 250 (Uptown), thehenryrestaurant.com

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