The Hot Mess from Jack in the Box, Taco Bell-Flavored Doritos and More Fast Food Crazy

With the big game this weekend I was trying to find some interesting and gluttonous fast-food options. Nothing insane stuck out, but I came across a few items of note, both in the States and from around our big fat globe. Some of them are good, others awful. Well, actually, they're mostly awful.

First of all, Jack in the Box has just introduced a new burger called the Hot Mess, which is a sourdough bun topped with pepper Jack cheese, onion rings and jalapeños. Did you think the Hot Mess was Jack's wife at the end of the Super Bowl party, which is mostly likely epic? No... just a sandwich. They also have Hot Mess Wedges, which are potatoes with a melted pepper Jack cheese and jalapeños. All to be washed down with a hot cinnamon shake -- "a perfect dose of sweet and spicy cinnamon."

According to the Wall Street Journal, Frito Lay will release a Taco Bell flavored Doritos for a limited time this spring, playing off the Doritos-flavored tacos at the Bell released last year. If we're all lucky (pause), they will hit the market about the same time the new Cool Ranch Tacos come out this spring. Also, the fast-food chain has plans on making a Flamos flavored tacos in parts of the country.

From the global wire, there are a few things that are interesting to ponder:

Horse meat Whopper? Neigh, I'll pass. Yesterday Burger King dealt a whopper to the kids across the pond. The flamed burger purveyor released a statement to the Guardian in the UK that there was just a weeee bit of horse meat in their burgers at some locations in Britain and Ireland. The meat came from a "non-approved supplier in Poland."

Also, have you heard about mayo pizza in Japan? (Photo above.) Did your gag reflex just turn on? We're not trying to be Judgy McJudger, but whoever came did the to pizza should be jailed.

Another thing from overseas that I recently discovered. At KFC in India, they sell bucket loads of curry crunch chicken. Now, that sounds interesting. Why don't we get curry crunch chicken? They can keep their horse meat burgers and mayo pizza, but curry crunch is a different issue entirely.

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