The Libertine Aims to Please With Off-Menu Pork Fave

At restaurants all over town, elusive eats await under the radar. Menus are updated, new items are added, and sometimes the best things are not on the menu at all. Let Off the Menu guide you to some of Dallas' lesser-known culinary creations.

Few things are more disappointing than sitting down to a meal at a favorite restaurant only to discover that the menu's been revamped and the dish you were about to order is no longer on the menu.

That is something that happens to a lot of folks who show up at The Libertine looking for the once very popular pulled pork sandwich. The sandwich vanished from the menu on one of their recent carte du jour updates, but staff tell us that regulars (who remember when half-priced food night was still on Sundays) still order the scrumptious sandwich.

The pork for the dish is braised in Shiner Bock beer, barbecue sauce, mustard and 12 more ingredients -- "there's 15 ingredients in total," head chef Taylor McCreary tells us. The reason they can still make the pulled pork sandwich is because the same pork is now being used for the pub's pulled pork tacos.

The sandwich is no longer served on the same ciabatta-like bread. Rather, the braised pork is slathered between a hunk of a squish-in-your-fingers "hoagie roll" from Empire Baking Company, the same bread the steak sandwich is served on.

While you're at it you can grab an order of three-way-fries, which were also axed from the menu. The portabella fries, sweet potato fries and ever-so-common French fries can be found on the menu separately, but not as a collective. (The reason for this could be due to the fact that there's only one fryer with two baskets in the kitchen). The fries come with three hand-made sauces for dipping.

If they still have the ingredients, McCreary says, "we'll do anything in our power to give people what they want."

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