The Londoner Really Needs to Borrow Your Aston Martin for the Skyfall Party

The Londoner in Uptown needs to borrow an Aston Martin for a James Bond "Skyfall" party on November 9th. Per their Facebook post, they promise it will be in good hands. It's a roll-out-the-red-carpet, black-tie event. Nary a crazy shenanigan to be seen! The owner even gets to be their VIP for the evening and will "receive a complimentary bottle for their troubles."

Mark Rhodes posted in response to the request: "How does one get an invite for this event?" Good question, sir. Surely they wouldn't tempt all their Facebook fans with a fancy-pants party and not invite us all.

In the meantime, everyone keep an eye out for a minimum $100,000 car that's looking for a good time.

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