The Man Behind the World's Best Lasagna Lives in Frisco

According to AllRecipes.com and 10,000 Facebook likes, The World's Best Lasagna hails from Frisco, Texas.

Earlier this week The Washington Post featured John Chandler's recipe for the layered pasta dish, AllRecipe's single most popular recipe on the entire English-language site.

The Post took the dish's name as more of a challenge, and tester Cailtin Dewey made the 20-ingredient, three-plus hour lasagna, allowing for a few tweaks along the way, primarily for salt based on crowd comments.

The recipe has been "pinned" more than 26,000 times and "liked" 10,000 times. Based on 10,436 ratings, it enjoys a solid five-star status. It's pretty much a basic recipe, which is probably why it's so immensely popular, because in terms of standard fancy baking dishes that show some heart and dedication, lasagna brings it. (If a person makes you lasagna from scratch, they truly fancy you. Know this.)

Improvisations are easily made, which is sort of the essence (and crutch) of the entire commenting community on AllRecipes. All too often comments start with "Wow, this is really great. I just made a few tweaks," and 17 lines later it's basically a new recipe.

So goes it.

But if you feel like eating local tonight, try The World's Greatest Lasagna from Frisco.

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