The Mecca Announces Retro Dinner Service (and Prices) For Final Meal

When I interviewed Cheryl Hurt after a reader tipped me off that The Mecca would be moving to East Dallas, the closing date and plans for their last dinner service were still up in the air. I promised her I'd call back around the first of August and see if anything had firmed up and I just found out The Mecca is cooking up some big plans.

On August 12, the Mecca will serve its last diner plates at prices rolled back to mimic the old days. Hurt says she's not certain how far prices will drop, but they're taking the promotion pretty seriously. Right now she's looking at retro-uniforms for the staff so that everyone looks the part. The Mecca will go out a lot like it first opened in 1938.

The opening date of the new location on Live Oak Street is still a little soft. Hurt told me they're shooting for the August 17.

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