The Most Amazing Thing Stephan Pyles Ever Ate

Chefs for Farmers, a Dallas based group who celebrate small, local farms, is having some fun on their facebook page to promote their annual event.They asked Brian Luscher from the Grape to come up with a random question for fellow participant Stephan Pyles.

Luscher asked:

Your hard work as a chef has paid off, and now you are afforded the incredible opportunity to travel the world in search of culinary delights. In your travels, what was the most amazing food item you stumbled upon that also had the humblest/simplest of origins?

Pyles' answer?

So many cultures and taste memories come to mind, but perhaps the image that remains most vivid is an experience I had in Inquitos, Peru, called the poor man's Venice because the houses are built on stilts on the Amazon River. There on the river, I dined on date palm grub worms that were grilled over charcoal while they were still wiggling. They were served alongside a sort of tamal that had in its center the roe of a fish similar to our catfish. Don't knock grub worms and catfish caviar tamales until you've had them!

Sound's great, Pyles, but I think I'd rather have some Peruvian chicken.

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