The Museum of Nature and Science and Some Cute Kids Team Up for Tsunami Fundraiser

We'll admit that when we see a kid selling lemonade in the neighborhood we have to buy a cup and give the adorable rascal an extra dollar. It's going to be hard to resist emptying your wallet at the lemonade stand that will be in the Science Building lobby at the Museum of Nature and Science (1318 S. Second Ave.) tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. because the kids and the cause are too important to ignore. The museum is partnering with Lemons to Aid, a local nonprofit that provides supplies for kids to set up lemonade stands. Lemons to Aid funds these stands nationwide to help children help others, and all proceeds from these fundraisers go to areas affected by natural disasters. The proceeds from sales of lemonade and cookies tomorrow will go to the victims of the recent disasters in Japan, and there will also be a demonstration with an earthquake stimulator and wave machine to educate kids about earthquakes and tsunamis. Because the stand will be in the lobby, you don't have to purchase a museum ticket to buy lemonade or make a donation, but we think you should stick around to play with some dinosaurs.

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