The New Central Market at Royal and Preston is Open for Business (Photos)

The new Central Market at Preston and Royal is now open, offering just about all the amenities of the other four local Central Markets but in half the space.

Here's a party tip: don't fight the one-way serpentine flow. Once you decide to get in, you're in. And focus. If you're at the banana wall and realize you forgot blueberries, too bad. Don't create a party foul with a u-turn and contra-flow. You just have to finish the loop and start over.

The layout is basically the same as the other stores. Veggies to start, then fruits, the meat counters, booze and grocery aisles.Then the bakery, cheese, deli and various bars are on the left side of the structure. The only difference here is that it's all stacked high and tight.

There are 12 cashier stands and every single one of them had their light on for opening day. Central Market can have notoriously slow check out lines, but that doesn't seem to be a problem -- for now.

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