The New Kid in Town, Squealing on Yelp and More

This week in food blogs, the T Room sold sandwiches, users decided Yelp! is even more unreliable than they thought, and the newly opened and recently gassy Redfork is down two chefs. Most important, our new food critic started posting. Read on.

City of Ate Scott Reitz, his dog and his spider plant made the pilgrimage from D.C. to Texas. He's our newest food critic, and his posts started this week. Check out some of his opinions on slurping sea urchins and the pros and cons of sticking bushes in cocktails.

Andrew Marton waxes poetic about Oddfellows, a place he says glided gracefully through its growing pains. The restaurant features a refined Asian noodle salad (complete with nubbins!), a tasty yet unremarkable burger and a 1-in-11 espresso machine -- all served by a wait staff that dutifully avoids "unctuous solicitousness."

Alice Laussade liked almost everything about Digg's Taco Shop. She enjoyed the juicy chicken and fried shrimp stuffed inside the warm tortillas, but the margarita popsicles were only slightly less stupid than the Colbie Caillat paraphernalia.

Check out the only time it pays to be soft on the inside, but hard and wrinkly on the outside.

If you enjoy eating things as much as you enjoy buying things, Monica Berry recommends The T Room. She says the sandwiches are neither too salty nor too greasy; not too crunchy nor too cheesy. They are also not overwhelming. But they are definitely sandwiches.

Eater Dallas launched on Thursday, with our old pal Andrea Grimes as editor. Eater Houston and Eater Atlanta also launched this week.

Side Dish Alma opened for lunch yesterday, featuring a new lunch menu amidst much rejoicing.

There's a rumor going around that Yelp! deletes comments to sell ads. Cavilli Pizza says the site has deleted up to 24 reviews.

Leslie Brenner's opinions on The Grape and The Commissary led Nancy Nichols to say that The Dallas Morning News critic "doesn't understand Dallas."

Chowhound If you only had a few hours to live ... er, spend in Dallas, where would you get barbecue?

Pegasus News Somebody else in Denton said some more things about Art 6 Coffee House.

Fritz Doss is the new executive chef of Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

Escape Hatch Dallas Last December, Mike Hiller was a judge for MasterChef's Dallas auditions. Here, he offers an inside look to the process.

It's about time to make reservations for this year's Restaurant Week.

Crave DFW Jeff Harris and Matt Balke resigned from the newly opened Redfork, citing creative differences. The restaurant seems to be doing well despite the exodus.

Danielle Leahy offers tips on how to orchestrate a summer trip while maintaining all the dignity one accumulates after 30.

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