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The New Lakewood Chipotle Has Delayed its Opening, but It's Still Coming, Haters

The new Chipotle coming to the corner of Abrams Road and Richmond Avenue pushed its tentative December opening date to January 24. If you've been craving "Responsibly Raised®" meat with black beans, mild salsa, cheese, guacamole and lettuce wrapped in a tortilla large enough to swaddle a kitten, you'll have to wait a little longer.

The restaurant was originally scheduled to open December 7, holding a job fair back in October to look for up to 30 new burrito-builders. Construction setbacks are being cited for the delay.

Not everyone is smitten with the coming restaurant that currently resembles an Apple store. A story first announcing Chipotle's arrival in the Lakewood Advocate described neighborhood "haters" who were disillusioned with the financial institutions and Italian restaurants (read: unsightly corporate chains) that have been moving into the neighborhood.

Regardless, there will soon be burritos and tacos and quesadillas galore, some of them smothered with a heaping spoonful of chunky guacamole for an extra $1.80. The new location will also offer Chipotle-sized catering services, with a toll-free number for ordering burrito deliveries big enough to feed 200 Lakewood residents at a time. If the burrito in our Chipotle versus Freebirds smackdown is representative, that means 320 pounds of burritos could be rolling around Dallas in a Chipotle van at any time. I hope you're hungry.

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Scott Reitz
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