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The Nine Best BLTs in Dallas

To me, this will always be the sandwich mom made. After those days of itchy grass-legs and punching mosquitoes in the face, this was the sandwich that hit the plate: thick sourdough slices, bacon crisp as a bay leaf, tomatoes, the mayo knife sweep, and cup-slice of iceberg. For its simplicity, it's a sandwich that remains untouched by the foodie deconstruction era and Dallas' best are all mightily bucking overcooked trends. You'll find no truffle oil here.

Finding Dallas' best BLTS requires some binoculars: You have to try to look past some of the sparkling gems on these local spots (in other words, MAN it was tough not to order the burger at half of these spots). A couple of years ago, Food Critic Guy said the best BLTs are made during the summer and at home. Here are the BLTs of Dallas that'll make you think twice about staying in. Also included: a bacon meter that measures bacon crispness on a 1-10 scale (1 being floppy; 10 being Frosted Flakes crispy). So, bacon:

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Nick Rallo
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