The Owner of Pop Star Popsicles Was Ready to Pack It In Until His Family and Fans Spoke Out

Back in April, John Doumas announced the Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles he and his wife brought to area farmers markets and other events was gone for good. The news was a shock. It seemed like Doumas had just gotten started, leaving a successful business career to become successful in frozen fruit on a stick.

Doumas was a presence at multiple farmers markets. He was in talks with Central Market about freezer space. He was making the best popsicles in the city, with unique but subtle flavors. But an unexpected family loss led John to believe he should spend his time focusing on his family. The Pop Star had melted, it seemed.

But it was family, friends and even Pop Star customers who convinced Doumas that his popsicle work was important, too.

"We had a heart to heart," John said of him and his family. He decided that with a little extra help to man booths and handle other popsicle tasks, Pop Star could live on. This Saturday his trademark blue half-a-van will be parked at White Rock Local Market again. You can buy all the popsicles you're able to carry home.

For now, plans to expand the business with Central Market and other vendors have been abandoned, but worry not -- your favorite flavors like mojito and fresh mint and coconut are living on. And that's despite recent lime prices.

They'll also keep doing some catering and special events work. For instance, if you're one of the first pedestrians to traverse the Sylvan Avenue Bridge on opening day, June 15, Pop Star will be there to help you celebrate your accomplishment on the other side with a popsicle. Suddenly summer's not looking so bleak.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.