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The Owner of Zoli's is Bringing Austin's Cow Tipping Creamery to East Dallas

I know we're all still reeling from the recent (temporary) loss of Zoli's NY Pizza, but owner Jay Jerrier — the man who also brought us Cane Rosso, bless his pizza-filled heart — already has something else up his sleeve: ice cream. More specifically, Austin ice cream. *Cue hysterical cries for trendy dairy-based products.*

Jerrier announced today that he's bringing Cow Tipping Creamery to the East Dallas space that was, up until last week, the home of Cultivar Coffee, which is probably still unpacking from their move into Goodfriend Package. "Late last year, we met and fell in love with the team from Cow Tipping in Austin," Jerrier says. "They run a beloved food truck on the campus of UT Austin. They had an amazing product and incredible passion but needed help to take their business to the next level. Surprisingly, I decided I just wasn’t getting fat enough from eating Neapolitan and NY-style pizza, so we decided that ice cream was the only way for me to push maximum density."

Jerrier didn't give an exact date for the opening of Cow Tipping Creamery's Dallas bureau, but he's planning to open "very soon," he says. "We think Dallas is going to love this ice cream — unique soft serve flavors, scratch-made toppings, unique treats, shakes, cones and their glorious, glorious stackers (sundaes with toppings layered throughout)." 

Of course, Cow Tipping Creamery has an appropriately adorable origin story. The "family-run, artisan soft serve ice cream business" got its start four years ago when co-owner Timothy Sorenson lost his job thanks to the Great American Recession™.  Always an ice cream fan, Sorenson and his wife opted to open a food truck that later joined the Rio Rancho food court, according to Eater.

The Dallas branch of Cow Tipping Creamery will share a space with Good 2 Go Taco at the intersection of Garland and Peavy. Also at that intersection: Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House, the new Goodfriend Package and Cultivar Coffee and now, some delightfully Austin soft serve ice cream. That's a good intersection right there — don't gloat, East Dallas. It's unseemly. 

Follow Cow Tipping Creamery's Dallas spot on Facebook to watch this ice cream miracle unfold. 
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