The Porch Offers An Off-The-Menu Trifecta of Deliciousness

The Porch is home to numerous off-menu items, what with their enormous, constantly changing blackboard, seasonal drinks and items that can be altered to suit diners' needs. Finding elusive bites at the trendy Henderson Avenue location wasn't a problem for us; the trouble was deciding which off-menu items to order.

We started our meal with the off-menu raspberry rye Collins, a summer-inspired take on the traditional whiskey Collins. The drink consists of muddled mint and raspberry, Bullet rye whiskey, grapefruit juice, lemon juice and Cointreau on ice and is topped with ginger ale. While the rye was definitely noticeable, it wasn't overpowering thanks to the fruit juices, mint and light carbonation. Our waitress assured us that while the drink is seasonal, they can make it year-round so long as they have raspberries in stock.

Following the raspberry rye Collins, we ordered the off-menu tuna tartare. The chopped ahi tuna was marinated in "citrus sauce," orange juice, lemon juice and lime juice, and the acidity from the juices cooked the raw tuna slightly. The tuna was then mixed in with diced mango, red onion and Fresno chilies and spread out over a strip of avocado cilantro puree. The dish was served with a basket of house-made tortilla chips, made from Luna's tortillas. The tuna had some kick to it thanks to the chilies, but the sweet mango and creamy avocado balanced the palate.

We then ordered popcorn chicken, a Porch favorite that had been removed from the menu but can still be found on top of their Cobb salad. The bowl of juicy bite-sized chicken morsels were served alongside a small dish of The Porch's homemade honey mustard. The most exciting element of the fried chicken, though, was the chicken-to-batter ratio. There was more chicken than batter (which isn't always the case at other restaurants around town). It was an off-the-menu trifecta of deliciousness.

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