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The Rise of Breakfast-and-Lunch-Only Restaurants in Dallas

While interviewing Tracy Miller for last week's review, the chef at Local told me a little about her new, still unnamed venture, slated for a storefront at 2912 Elm, two doors down from the fine-dining spot she opened in 2003. Miller is still working out the menu details, but the space is now taking shape.

In an interview, Miller described menu ideas for her new spot, which will serve only breakfast and lunch during the week, plus brunch on the weekends. Miller will serve regular deli sandwiches but also "a wonderful brisket sandwich with plum sauce and an apple slaw." Salads and some of Miller's wonderful soups will be available for lunch as well.

Breakfast will be simple but refined. Steel-cut oatmeal and eggs will be served in the space that Miller wants to keep casual. "I just want it to be simple and easy and fast and a value," she said.

Miller still won't give an opening date, but she did say a butcher block counter was installed two weeks ago. Deep Ellum should have a new place to warm up over the winter.

The venture marks a growing trend of small restaurants in the area focusing only on breakfast and lunch service. Good 2 Go Taco opened in January of 2011 to serve breakfast and lunch before closing at 3.

Earlier this year Bolsa announced they'd be opening a casual concept a few doors down from their Oak Cliff restaurant on Davis Street called Bolsa Mercado.

Nick Badovinus recently announced a similar concept in the Design District. The owner and chef of the NHS family of restaurants got as far as offering a few soft opening lunch services, one of which was captured by D Magazine, and then went dark despite indications he'd be opening soon."[We're] still about two weeks out," he said of Off-Site kitchen back in October, adding "it's long overdue." Off-Site kitchen has still yet to open.

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