The Sarsaparilla Just Ain't Cuttin' It No More

Yee-haw, pardner! Looks like we can finally bend an elbow just down the trail at Cowboy Chow. Yup, they finally obtained a license to dispense bottled courage. You know Cowboy Chow, right? Run by them fellers what created Twisted Root Burger Co.? Reckon we should mosey on down.

OK, sorry for the in-character spiel. But these are theme restaurants and...Aw, don't be such an addle-pot. Just 'cause it's still a couple hours afore high noon don't mean we can't whet our whistles with a little anti-fogmatic. Anyway, according to this here press release, they're serving brunch nowadays too. I've had a hankerin' for a mess of French toast with blueberry syrup, or a heapin' plate of machacas. Mmm, just like Cookie used to fix on the chuckwagon.

OK--enough of that. Cowboy Chow has finally broken free from the reins of zealotry that so often bedevil alcohol sales in this part of the country and obtained their license. To celebrate, they started brunch service. Finally, mimosas with your Western fare.

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