The Sausage of Texas is Upon You

Two San Antonio companies have partnered to create a distinctly Texan breakfast taco, now available at dozens of area drive-through windows.

Taco Cabana last week started serving tacos made with Kiolbassa country-style sausage; the item will remain on the menu through mid-October.

While DFW's not suffering a sausage taco shortage, the new branded breakfast item is one of the few fast-food tacos made with a Go Texan meat product. Kiolbassa's been in the premium sausage business since 1949.

Years ago, Kiolbassa supplied chorizo to Taco Cabana, but the chain didn't advertise its sausages' origins.

Kiolbassa spokesman Michael Johnson says the co-marketing deal was a result of Taco Cabana "raising the quality of its product and hitting a different niche."

Johnson was a member of the R&D team that perfected the sandwich: "I've eaten it a couple times," he says. "This is kind of a new deal, two strong Texas companies coordinating efforts to make a good taco."

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