The Season For Magazines

Though the name might suggest otherwise, new magazine Edible Dallas & Fort Worth is not intended for Mothra.

Rather, the publication--part of the Edible Communities chain--offers stories about North Texas chefs, farmers, retailers, vintners and brewers, all aimed squarely at "locavores," those who prefer foods made from locally grown and produced ingredients. The magazine premiered March 16 with its Spring 2009 issue. Articles include features on local growers and other producers, food events, kid-friendly recipes, home gardening and "Liquid Assets," which touches on the science of locally produced coffee, beer, wine and water.

Hmm...Trinity River in a bottle.

The magazine is published by Nanci Taylor and Karen McCullough. Good luck to them, though it's doubtful they'll need it. Really, has there ever been a better time to get into the publishing biz?


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