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The Second Coming of State and Allen's BBQ Pork Sandwich

State and Allen Lounge's pulled BBQ pork sandwich has been around for a while, so why is it deserving of an "Eat This" mention right now?

Because even though this sandwich has forever been on the Uptown hangout's menu, it's reemerging to its previous greatness after having been on the decline. Lean, tender pulled pork, crunchy, barely dressed coleslaw, and buttery toasted brioche buns are now clearly separated components that make up a successfully mouth-watering sandwich (opposed to the fatty, sloppy mess it had become in recent years). The barbecue sauce still veers toward the sweet, but it's not as overbearingly saccharine as it was before. The restaurant's equally popular Buffalo chicken sandwich also has seen vast improvements in the past few months after a period of deterioration.

Much of this attention to detail is in large part due to new Executive Chef Joey Ryholdt. Along with polishing the State and Allen staples, Houston transplant Ryholdt also plans on a new year overhauling of the menu, from disposing of items he feels don't work (the dense veggie burger) to adding more nightly specials.

From what was sampled on the night of our visit, to the guttural sounds we heard from the special menu-ordering diners at the next table, we will be interested in seeing how long the chef can keep these improvements coming.

State and Allen Lounge 2400 Allen Street 214-239-1990

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Kristy Yang
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