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The Seven Best Dallas Stoner Foods to Try on 4/20

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April 20, in case you haven't heard, is a bit of a counterculture holiday. Several annual events take place across the country; some have been going for decades. But most who observe this holiday just consume and celebrate cannabis — which often leads to a case of the munchies, known to cause some unusual cravings. 

Some Dallas restaurants with a greater understanding of their audience have created specials just for 4/20, which rolls around on Wednesday. Others keep munchies on their menu year-round. Here are a few over-the-top eats that will satisfy whatever craving you've got:

The Priscilla at High Fives
High Fives; 1804 McMillian Ave.
You probably would have to be high to eat this. Elvis Presley had a wife named Priscilla, and he loved eating sandwiches with bananas and peanut butter; maybe this is the one that killed him. Extra greasy Texas toast is filled with potato chips, fried bananas, natural peanut butter and honey. This sandwich actually tastes pretty good, but it falls somewhere between a snack and a meal — perfect stoner fare.
Tastes Like a Loaded Baked Potato Pizza at Zalat
2519 N. Fitzhugh Ave
The bold flavors here make for great munchies — and they close at 4 a.m. As a late-night pizza spot, these guys deal with drunks, so they're probably happy to see stoners who may act like they are eating the best pizza on the planet. Their sauce on the side — you know, for that strip of crust with no cheese or bacon on it — is ranch mixed with Sriracha. The “Tastes Like a Loaded Baked Potato” pizza doesn’t taste like any baked potato I've ever had, but it's delicious nonetheless. With bacon, blue cheese, jalapeños and chives, this is a firecracker of flavor, and the thin, golden crust is a solid foundation.

Freshman 15 at Twisted Root Burger Co.
Multiple locations
If you happen to get so high that you missed breakfast and lunch, the Freshman 15 could be what you need. You may not want anything too complicated, man. They throw a fried egg on there and, since you can't be bothered to pick up a bunch of fries, they smashed those down on the burger too. There's melted cheese, naturally, and two giant strips of bacon that stick out of the burger like antennas.

Dorito-Viche at Dalat
2537 N. Fitzhugh Ave.
No 4/20 list can ever exist without Doritos, and that's where Dalat's Dorito-Viche comes in. Doritos are topped with a zesty Vietnamese cabbage salad, a bit of Sriracha and jalapeño. These bold, stoner-friendly flavors will set you back $5.50 — and at Dalat, you can wash it down with a glass of Tang.

The Mellow Muenster at Dallas Grilled Cheese Company
310 W. 7th St.
A grilled cheese is a food staple for many, but what Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. has done with this sandwich is almost like an elaborate, mind-bending conversation between two stoners about all the unrealized potential of this food item. What if you added bologna? What if it was a Sloppy Joe hybrid? What if a grilled cheese and a Patty Melt had a baby? Maybe that’s how this place started. At any rate, this grilled cheese shop is offering a one-day one-off on April 20 for anyone with special cravings: The Mellow Muenster, a grilled cheese with two slices of Gouda, one slice of Muenster, Flaming Hot Cheetos and a trim bud of arugula with fresh-squeezed lime.

Glazed Donut Works
2644 Elm St.
On a Friday or Saturday night, walk by this place and you'll spot a long line of people standing in line for doughnuts. Are some of them high? We'll let you be the judge. This Deep Ellum spot is smart enough to put their doughnuts in the window, which will stop you dead in your tracks. A blueberry mascarpone, banana pudding or crème brûlée doughnut are no-brainers, perfect for someone with no brain. But the bacon cheese doughnut sandwich is real munchie paradise. By using a doughnut in lieu of bread, Glazed Donut Works solidified its place as heaven for stoners. 

The American Dream Burger at Ivy Tavern
5334 Lemmon Ave.
Ivy Tavern has great chicken wings with zesty flavors like lemon pepper and spicy buffalo. They also have barbecue brisket cheese fries and a grilled pimento cheese sandwich. But if you were really hungry and wanted to eat something crazy, this burger is here for you. The American Dream does not exist and the American Dream Burger shouldn’t — but damn, this is the cheesecake of hamburgers. Two grilled cheese sandwiches act as the bun for a bacon cheeseburger. It’s impressively easy to handle and the patty is somehow thick enough for this monstrosity, which has the perfect amount of bacon and cheese. It’s two gigantic meals, if you cut it in half. But we know you won't.

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