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The Sir, Uptown's Burger Lounge, Is Closed

I've written about so many new burger restaurants opening I have a story template permanently saved on my desktop. All I have to do is enter in whether the meat is ground on-site or not, the address, who bakes the buns and the word "pink" here and there, and the story's ready to go! Plug and play!

I have not, however, written very much about burger restaurants closing, so forgive me if I stumble here. We're in uncharted burger territory.

The Sir, the Uptown burger place formerly known as Ketchup, is dead. A failure-to-pay-rent notice was taped to the window on January 6, and as a testament to how off-the-radar this place had been, nobody seems to have noticed it till now.

Ketchup had been renamed The Sir last summer, its owners thinking the place needed a facelift. The burgers were actually pretty damn good. I had one there last year and remember peering into the kitchen to get a look at the grill, because I wanted to see how the burgers got so much char flavor. The only thing I thought was off was the atmosphere. It felt like a place to order a Sazerac, not wipe some mustard off your chin.

The char was not enough, and neither was a facelift. The DMN wrote that the rebranding was meant to make the space more of a bar as the evening went on. They brought in couches for the back room, to invite guests to lounge around with cocktails after the filled their bellies with burgers. But now those couches are locked away because of a lease violation.

Back in October, I wrote that the Dallas burger boom was about to come to an end. Shortly after, at least three burger restaurants opened, making me look like a moron. But maybe I was just a little early to the party. One way or another, there's more burger news to come.

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